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Kind words from
my past clients....

"Every Life Has a Story Worth Celebrating"


You captured who Mike was and what he stood for, your incredible words of wisdom and and warmth will always hold dear in my heart. On behalf of my family, we thank you for that. Your powerful words of wisdom and strength will never be forgotten. The respect that you gave Mike at the end was so incredibly beautiful; your thoughtfulness, kindness and your beautiful soul will make this day a memorable one.  Thank you for agreeing to do Mike's service and for using the words that definitely describe who Mike was and what he stood for - you are right on one thing when you say this is Mike's day.  I found that I can close my ugly thoughts to the devil but open my heart to remembrance of what Mike and I had as a couple of 39 years. I will definitely recommend you for doing celebration of life services because you captured everything that Mike stood for. Thank you again for your beautiful thoughts and your beautiful words.


             Christine Hall and sister            

              Sandy Nickerson


"Bonnie, Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  Your kindness during this difficult time is greatly appreciated and will always be remembered.  Thank you for lending your kind words and big heart to Mom’s service.  You captured her so well."

Kim O, Edmonton, AB

Red Flower Bouquet

I was so impressed with Bonnie Marchand...

"I highly recommend Bonnie for the  valuable services she offers.  She was not only knowledgeable, has many years of experience, but she is also very intuitive.  Once she familiarized herself with our family, she had many great suggestions for us that made our Celebration of Life service beautiful and we will remember it for years to come.  Thank you so much Bonnie.  We appreciate you very much!"

Barbara Marie Babish, Seba Beach, AB.

Yellow and Pink Flower Bouquet

"Dear Bonnie, I just would like to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this very difficult time in our life more bearable.  You are a very kind, caring and compassionate individual."

~ Laurel ~

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