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Celebration of Life Service

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” – Unknown

Celebration of Life

We are the keepers of the memories; a sacred trust given by the one who has journeyed on”

What does that mean?

It is human nature when someone we love has died; to stop, to carve out a sacred space, to remember, to reflect and to gather the memories up in a safe place, so the person we lost, will always be with us. This is the most important first step on the long and winding path of the grief journey. 

A Celebration of Life is where we create a safe space to share those memories, with words full of integrity and intention. 


I befriend my clients and we talk about their loved one; uncovering the best of them and what brings them alive. With that in mind, I design a ceremony that is truly unique, yet simple enough that it can be enjoyed and experienced by everyone present.


The process is simple. We talk. I ask you thoughtful questions and with an understanding of your values, desires and your memories, I design a ceremony. You have absolute control over my words, yet, I offer my experience and wisdom so you are not floundering or forced into a role.


My ceremonies are handmade, in the most elegant way. Taken from the rich soil of your life experiences, they reflect who your loved one was and the memories that they have left behind. Allow me, to design your unique, elegant and graceful ceremony to celebrate the lives of those you have lost.

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