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Celebration of Life Anniversary

"The world changes from year to year. Our lives from day to day. But the love and memory of you shall never pass away "  - Unknown

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Customized Celebration of Life Anniversary


A year after the death, many people hold a memorial in the deceased's honor. 

An anniversary memorial service for a loved one should feel nothing like a funeral. After one year or many years have passed, you can gather together to share the fond and often humorous memories of your loved one without the sorrow you felt in the wake of their death. We will reflect, tell stories and share those moments that were so special to you.


Coming together with all the other people who knew and loved her or him, will keep them alive in your hearts, and organizing this event can bring back all sorts of wonderful memories. Often, on the anniversary of a loved one's death, family and friends wish to share their thoughts and feelings.  This is encouraged by having such things as; an open Mic at the event, a video, music tributes and candle lighting tributes. I can work with you to create a true Celebration of Life for your loved one and to celebrate the impact that their life had on yours. 

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